About Us at therainforests.info

This website is designed to be a tool to help anyone learn about rainforests around the globe, whether they are interested in the wildlife, the landscape or the indigenous people.

As well as being an interesting and fun environmental education resource, a key aim of the site is to raise awareness of the importance of the rainforests for not only the plants and animals within them, but also the entire global climate. If the general consensus amongst the world's scientific communities is correct, their destruction could also contribute to an increase in global warming, drought and famine, particularly for areas, such as much of Africa, that are already vulnerable.

This website is brought together using the work of scientists, environmentalists, photographers, zoologists, botonists, conservationists and other relevant experts.

We are supporting the World Land Trust (WLT) - a conservation charity involved in numerous projects worldwide. Particularly relevant to this site is their work in helping to purchase rainforest land to protect and preserve it.
You can Help to Buy Rainforest and Save it by donating to the WLT to save some of this land through a personal contribution or buying as a gift.

If you have any photos, stories or drawings that you would like to see shown on the site, please feel free to send them in. We always welcome contributions or constructive comments.