Bald Uakaris

If you want to learn about Bald Uakaris, this page contains lots of useful information about the habitat and lifestyle of the Bald Uakari, as well as how it is affected by changes to the rainforests.

Bald Uakari

The Bald Uakari or Cacajao calvus is sometimes called the Bald-headed Uakari or Red Uakari. It is a distinctive red-faced monkey found in swampy forests in Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The species is considered "near threatened" by the World Conservation Union Red List of 2004, due to hunting and habitat destruction.

This monkey has little fur on its face, with bright red facial skin being a sign of good health, which enables it to choose the healthiest (most red-faced) to mate with. It has long, thick, red or white body fur with a short, bushy tail. It is on average 22 inches or 55 centimetres long and weighs around 3 kg or 6.5 lbs. Its tail is around 15 centimetres or 5.9 inches long. The Bald Uakari usually lives to around 20 years of age. It feeds mainly on seeds and flowers, as well as some small animals.

Living in mixed groups of between five and 30 members, it spends most of its time at ground level looking for seeds, and at night it sleeps in trees to keep safe. The breeding season runs from October to May. The female encourages the male to mate by releasing an attractive scent. For these monkeys, the gestation period is still unknown.

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