Save the Rainforests by Helping to Buy Some!

Here at we are aiming to raise awareness of the diversity of wildlife in these areas and of the importance of preserving and protecting them. You can help to save the rainforests by supporting registered conservation charity The World Land Trust (WLT), which supports local partners in buying and managing threatened areas worldwide in conjunction with their local people.

The WLT was established in 1989 and has since been strongly supported by environmentalist Sir David Attenborough. Over this period it has successfully worked with local partners to buy over 375,000 acres of land to protect its wildlife, mainly from public donations.

Just £25 (approx $50US) buys 2000 square metres (half an acre) of rainforest and £50 (approx $100US) buys a whole acre. You will receive a certificate, plus bulletins on conservation news and the work of the WLT.

You will soon be able to support The World Land Trust by donating or purchasing a gift package through this website,
but for now, visit the World Land Trust Donation page.