Welcome to The Rainforests Website

This is an environmental education and conservation charity site that aims to raise awareness of the nature living in rainforests across the world - including people, as well as plants and animals - and of how small conservation efforts by individuals can make a big difference to when it comes to limiting deforestation.

Find pictures and information about many of the wonderful creatures living in rainforest woodland and rivers. Would you like to draw a picture or write a story about any of the plants, animals or people? Have you been on holiday to a rainforest and taken some exciting photos? We welcome your contributions and will be happy to show them here on the site. Anything suitable emailed in will be kept on the site for you to see and share with others permanently!

We are also supporting the World Land Trust, whose aim is to help save rainforest by supporting local partners in buying and guarding areas of it to prevent as much as possible from being lost to logging and other industries. Endorsed by Sir David Attenborough, this well established, UK based environmental charity works through public donations, and has helped to purchase and protect over 375,000 acres of threatened wildlife areas since 1989.

Animals and Plants
Learn about many of the weird and wonderful creatures living in rainforests. The plants, the animals and the way that they interact. There are images and facts about wildlife that can only be found in rainforest areas.
Animals and plants
The Amazon River in Peru
People and Landscape
Start here to learn about the rivers, mountains and indigenous people in rainforests around the world. You can also read about how communities have been affected and even wiped out by deforestation and industrialisation.
People and Landscape